Yala National Park

The 500 square miles of Yala National Park is dramatically different from lush jungles and paddy fields that cover much of the island. Its dry and dusty with lots of dry thorny scrub so perfect wildlife country. There is plenty of game in park from leopards, wildboar, elephants and water buffalo, spotted deer, crocodile jackles and even sloath bears. The best game viewing time is in the dry season so August and September when you can expect to see most of the animals. Vehicles cant go off road so when animals are spotted especially leopard or bears be prepared for every vehicle possible to be there. The bird life is outstanding and the fan tailed peacocks steal the show.

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spotted deer
elephant family
elephant rock
monkey leopards water buffalo
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Noel Rodrigo's Leopard Safaris

Noel Rodrigo's Leopard Safaris have a small tented camp which moves around the park. The x tents and facilities are simple but perfectly comfortable with short drop loos and bucket showers. You are definitely here for the animals and nature rather than luxury but it’s clean and comfortable. The game wanders freely through the camp and lighting is will tilly lamps and torches. The food is delicious and the staff and guides were exceptional. The guides have a real love of the bush and its wildlife and their enthusiasm is infectious.

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tent interior
lunch facilities dinner

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