Frequently Asked Questions

Our pretour information which we send out with your confirmation will probably answer most of your questions, but here are a few common questions we are often asked:

Is my money protected when I go on holiday with Farside Sri Lanka?

Farside Sri Lanka is part of the company Farside Travel Ltd which is ATOL and TTA bonded, so your money is 100% protected when you book a holiday with us. For further information on how you are protected see the ATOL website (our membership number is: T7123) and the TTA website (our membership number is: U1405).

Do you offer travel insurance?

Due to new regulations we cannot directly sell travel insurance but you can book travel insurance with most high street banks, the post office or American Express

Can I book my own flights?

We are very happy for you to book your own flights. We just ask that you check with us before making the final booking to ensure they connect with any internal travel we are organising for you.

What do you advise about money?

Most major credit cards are widely accepted in bars and restaurants. In major city centres such as Colombo, Kandy, Galle, etc and tourist areas, there are an increasing number of ATM machines, so cash can be easily withdrawn. However, we advise that you take some travellers cheques in sterling and some sterling cash. Travellers Cheques can be easily be cashed at the hotel or at any bank. The best place to get the sterling cashed to local currency is at the Colombo airport on arrival. In the airport arrivals hall, there are lots of bank offering excellent rates. As anywhere in the world, guard your money, credit cards and travellers cheques safely and use safety-deposit boxes where possible.


Although a 10% service charge is added to food and accommodation bills, this usually goes straight to the owner rather than the worker. So tipping is a customary way of showing your appreciation for services rendered. Drivers expect a tip, as do people who ‘guide’ you through a site. A rule of thumb is to tip 10% of the total amount due. If there’s no money involved use your other thumb for this rule: Rs 10 for the person who minds your shoes at temples, and Rs 20 for a hotel porter.

Is Sri Lanka suitable for a family holiday?

Sri Lanka is a great family holiday destination, with lots for the kids to do including elephant orphanages, sand beaches and lovely family orientated people who love kids.

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